Personalized Weddings

Do you want a personalized wedding but have schedules that are too full, making it difficult to manage the event? Maybe you don’t live in Quebec City and want to organize a wedding here or in the surrounding areas?

Let us handle the complete organization of your event by entrusting Emmanuelle Poirier with providing the best possible experience. With our wedding planning method, you will embark on a great adventure that is sure to rise above anything you have ever dreamed of. Our expertise in wedding planning will ensure that no detail is left to chance. Together, we will create a unique atmosphere and exclusive decor that reflect your union.

To ensure a high level of service, the number of places available for wedding planning is limited. Reserve your date now!

Intimate wedding package (all-inclusive) 

Your dream is not a traditional wedding, but you would like to say Yes I do, without breaking the bank? Does the idea of a romantic getaway alone with your spouse or with your closest friends and family suit you best? Then an intimate wedding is for you!

Avoid stress, a lengthy planning process, and choose from our range of various all-inclusive intimate wedding ceremonies. The approach will be so simple, you will feel like you are planning a trip to one of the world’s most beautiful cities, without having to deprive yourself! All-inclusive from $2500.

The Big Day

Have you planned your entire wedding but don’t want to worry about organizing the wedding day? Do you want to simply enjoy the moment, without worry or stress?

Trust us to put the plan into action on the big day. Our professional team will ensure that everything goes according to the way you planned it. Plan a preparation consultation with us and let us manage the schedule, suppliers and any unexpected details when the big day arrives.


Are you planning your wedding and have specific questions? Do you want help with certain aspects of the wedding?

Emmanuelle Poirier offers two consultation options to combine with the Big Day Package or to be used separately. Take the time to meet with us to assess and orient your project or reserve a block of time to be used when you need it.

Marriage Proposal

Are you ready to pop the big question and want the moment to be memorable? Do you want to be sure of your idea or create a scenario?

At Emmanuelle Poirier, we know how to help you and can assist with any requests. Trust us for ideas and how to put your plan into action, so that you are sure the answer will be… yes!

Corporate Events

Do you want to organize a corporate event? Are you looking for an efficient team that has an eye for detail and is creative?

Take advantage of our expertise and let us help you organize all types of events, including your pop-up, grand opening, Christmas party, product launch, reception, cocktail party and much more.